Hillary Clinton BREAKS Silence, Deals LOW Blow To Trump

Image credit: The Times

How much lower could she possibly go…

At The New York Times’ DealBook conference, 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton mimicked President Donald Trump on a “secret phone call” with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

On Trump, Clinton said, “He could care less about corruption in Ukraine — what he wants is dirt on Joe Biden whether it’s real or not. In fact, from everything we know, it’s not.”

She continued, “The whole thing is so ridiculous that then they would be trying to number one not only put something on Joe Biden, which from everything we know is absolutely untrue, but try to prove that it wasn’t Russia that interfered in the 2016 election, it was little Ukraine.”

She added, “I do live rent-free in Donald Trump’s head, I’m aware of that. But even for that, it’s hard to imagine how they could be sitting around at, you know, the golf club or whatever and say, “Oh we gotta prove that Ukraine interfered.”

Clinton mimicked Trump saying, “Vladimir just said in my last secret phone call with him, get Ukraine responsible for that!”

She concluded, “We are living in a great Netflix special, and I just want the series to end and we’re all okay when it does! That’s what I’m looking for.”


  1. Hillary “On Trump, Clinton said, “He could care less about corruption in Ukraine — what he wants is dirt on Joe Biden whether it’s real or not. In fact, from everything we know, it’s not.”

    Hillary- Yeah, It’s not like when paid $9 Million Dollars for a Dossier of Russian Lies!!!
    NO there is no evidence of Bidens quid pro quo corrosion (since NONE has been LOOKED for – YET) no we only have his on-camera CONFESSION and Bragging about strong-arming Ukraninan officials – “You got six hours to fire the guy (looking into his son’s activities) or I leave with the Billion Dollars. And Son of a Bidtch – they fired the Guy!!!)

    So isn’t that EXACTLY what Hillary and her Dem honchos are accusing Trump of?!
    Why is she and the left NOT demanding an Investigation of Biden’s crooked dealings then? After all – NO One is Above the Law – Right?!

    As for Hillary’s foolish Head- LOL Trump has been Living Rent Free there since 2016! Every time she opens her mounth “TRUMP” Comes out! What a serious lack of self-awareness, dignity, and truth- this rediculous woman has 🙁
    Hillary- Yes, You should Run- You are Right- you will “win” again Just like you did in 2016 – with the same Result!

    Trump & Republican congress 2020!!!

  2. Regrettably, and extraordinarily sad as it may be, “Hillary RODENT Clinton”, the “Queen Mother of all Rats”, simply is no longer right in the head, she’s gone totally insane! According to my sources, her psychiatrist, psychologist and her Psychotherapist say the “RODENT” has gone stark raving bat-shit crazy! All her mental illness doctors agree the “RODENT” suffers from “Trump Syndrome” and have determined, there is no coming back from that disease to the extent she is suffering from it! Consequently they’ve all said, due to the degree of her illness, the “RODENT” now unfortunately belongs locked away in a padded rubber room down in lower California, at “Capistrano by the Sea”, which is a Loony Bin for the Rich-N-Famous, whose elevator stopped going all the way up to the top! In other words, all her doctor’s jointly agree the “RODENT” is definitely a lost cause and possibly she could be offered two (2) choice’s. Her choices ought to be, Choice #1), She needs to agree to take Medication strong enough to stop a charging Elephant, and it needs be strong enough to be able to perform a Frontal Lobotomy on her, on the installment plan, one day at a time.; Or Choice #2), She may of course willingly agree to be indicted on the charge of Treason, arrested, taken into Federal Custody and tried for the State High Crime of outright “Treason”; she then needs to be found Guilty of Treason, then promptly dragged over to “Hangman’s Gulch” and without any type of Appeal and she shall be promptly hung by her worthless gawd damn pencil neck, until she is dead, for committing the most serious crime of “Treason” against the United States of America! We can only hope after she’s been hung she wakes up burning in the Lake of Fire in Hell, and her boss, “Satin” is standing their to meet her at the Gates of Hell where she’ll spend eternity. Only being convicted of and hung for Treason is the only possible way the “RODENT” can atone for her sins, i.e., she must surrender her life and give a full measure of Justice of being hung to death in order to clear the slate for what she’s done to our country! I’m sure all real American’s feel the same way about this SKANK. If she doesn’t agree to be hung, then all bets are off, if so the Queen Mother of all RATS name shall go down in history along-side that of Benedict Arnold, the very worst, most vile, hated by all American’s for being a dirty, stinking, filthy Traitor, and “Hillary RODENT Clinton”, is exactly the same as Benedict Arnold was, unless she’s willing to pay for what she has done, by being hanged to death, they will both be forever thought of in the same exact way in the United States of America. That is not to say, her crime will ever be pardoned or forgiven; because we can neither forgive nor ever pardon anyone who has betrayed their Country like this stinking SKANK has done. So, the very best this whore can hope for is getting hung quick and hope it won’t take that long to kill her! That is the very best this SKANK has to hope for. The End!


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