Kellyanne Conway Shows Pelosi And Schiff Who’s Boss

Image Credit: NBC News

She’s in full swing and she isn’t holding back…

Kellyanne Conway put Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff in their places regarding the first public impeachment hearing.

Rush transcript:

CONWAY: “And every witness up there so far has said, ‘I assumed,’ ‘I interpreted,’ ‘It’s conjecture,’ ‘I heard it from somebody who heard it from somebody who heard it from somebody, and here is my interpretation.’

Folks, that is not how we impeach and remove presidents who are democratically elected.

That’s how the cheerleaders find out which one of them is going to be asked to the prom by the quarterback.

‘He said, she said, he thinks, I interpreted.’

CIA does not stand for ‘Conjecture, Interpretation and Assumptions.’ What are we doing?

We are going to impeach and remove a president who was democratically elected, handily by the way, in the Electoral College and close to being reelected less than a year away because people on Capitol Hill don’t like him and the 2020 crowd has no idea how to beat him at the ballot box?

This is America. This is a democracy.”


  1. The whole Democrat argument and impeachment effort is based on what they wished had happened. They are a hoax. They are not and never will be leaders.

  2. Democrats are a bunch of do nothing lying political HACKS. Tell me just one thing they have done for the American people in the last three years.

  3. Democrats, socialists, communists, Marxists, racists and other such scam and low-lives of this once proud and strong country are still screaming from losing what their own New York Pravda (aka Time) assured them was 98.8% sure Hillary’s victory. I guess the remaining 1.2% was reserved for the possibility of a catastrophic Martian attack.


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