Biden’s LATEST Message SHOCKS Liberals

Image Credit: Washington Post

He’s making a wise decision.

President Trump may have been the oldest man to become president when assumed office, however if Biden were to achieve presidency then he would in turn become the oldest person to assume presidency

A new report has come out based on Biden’s advisers that says he made everyone know that it was “virtually inconceivable” that he would be running for a second term. 

“Former Vice President Joe Biden’s top advisers and prominent Democrats outside the Biden campaign have recently revived a long-running debate whether Biden should publicly pledge to serve only one term, with Biden himself signaling to aides that he will serve only a single term.”

Biden himself knows how old he is but he’s still trying to run for presidency knowing fully well he won’t be going for a second term, and something might happen to him during his term because of his old age. 

While not going for a second term is a very wise decision, even thinking about running at his age is not a wise decision. Read the rest of the story here.


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