Kellyanne Conway SPITS On Lev Parnas Testimony

Image credit: Vox

These last minute stunts by the Democrats are getting annoying.

Recently on Fox News Channel, White House counselor Kellyanne Conway condemned House Democrats for their pathetic attempt to impeach President Trump.

According to Breitbart, Conway called their actions “embarrassing” and added that the articles of impeachment were a “sad” moment for the country.

“I think so desperate, so desperate to get this president that the left is now — the Democrats and their friends, their allies in the media are propping up an indicted criminal, this Parnas character, and maybe even nominating a socialist for president,” Conway said. “If you want to get the president, get him at the ballot box. They have no idea how to do that, so they waste their time and our money with all these shenanigans.” You can watch a clip of Conway’s comments here.


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