Failed 2020 Democrat SNAPS, Goes On VICIOUS Trump Attack

Image credit: NBC News

She just can’t get enough of Trump.

According to Breitbart News, Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) lost her mind during MSNBC’s coverage of the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump and began making up conspiracy theories to slander the Senate and Trump.

Harris was asked about Trump lawyer Pat Cipollone claiming Republicans were not allowed into the SCIF to attend classified testimony when there is video and transcripts of Republican members at the meetings.

Harris said, “I have a theory. I actually have a theory. Do you know what I think is happening? I think part of it— one of the things we can not accuse them of is not being strategic. I think what’s happening here is that we’re on a clock. We’re on a clock, right? So even during this phase of the trial, everyone is on a clock in terms of how many minutes they have to make their arguments, to present their arguments.”

“So ‘Hey, let’s throw out these misleading statements, these lies,’ and then require the other side to correct the record without getting to the arguments about the amendments and the resolutions,” she continued. “I think that’s what’s going on. So that Adam Schiff, so Zoe Lofgren, would have to spend time correcting facts that we all know if we are paying attention are true. Such as the fact that the Republicans on the House side were in those hearing, had the ability to cross-examine the evidence, and had the ability to participate in that process.” You can read the full article here.


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