CNN Host Makes DISGUSTING Rudy Giuliani Remark

Image credit: YouTube

This is just downright wrong…

Recently on ABC’s “The View,” CNN’s Ana Navarro joked that Trump’s rape accuser E. Jean Carroll could get Trump’s DNA from his personal attorney Rudy Giuliani.

According to Breitbart, co-host Joy Behar stated, “Impeachment isn’t the only trial Trump has to worry about. This is a serious story. Writer E. Jean Carroll accused Trump of raping her back in the ’90s, and she kept the dress she wore the day of the alleged attack.”

adding, “She’s asking for a sample of Trump’s DNA for her case. Maybe they could get it from Stormy Daniels? Bill Clinton had to give his DNA when he was president, so shouldn’t Trump?”

Ana Navarro responded, “I think they could get it from Rudy Giuliani. He’s been kissing up to Trump so much.”

Behar then added, “Take it right off his lips.”

You can watch a clip of Navarro’s filthy comment here.


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