Liberal Media SPITS On Joe Biden’s Campaign

Image credit: The Hill

This is hilarious!

Andrea Mitchell, Host of NBC’s “Today,” spoke about the controversy surrounding former Vice President Joe Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign.

According to Breitbart, Mitchell admitted that Biden was losing a large chunk of black Americans’ support meaning the campaign is “beginning to have that feeling of a loser,” adding he is “almost on fumes.”

“[Biden] could place fifth, certainly fourth, and the fact is they’re beginning to have that feeling of a loser,” Mitchell stated. “And when you saw that Quinnipiac poll which showed that he has lost 22 points in African-American support — he had talked about South Carolina as being his firewall — that is no longer the case. Mike Bloomberg has moved into position. And having lost so much of the African-American support, Joe Biden is almost on fumes really. This is a real problem for their campaign.” You can watch a clip of Mitchell’s comments here.


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