Trump Jr. Shows 2020 Democrat’s TRUE COLORS

Image credit: Axios

It’s about time someone said something.

Donald Trump, Jr. spoke about 2020 presidential hopeful Michael Bloomberg’s racist remarks about stop-and-frisk policies against people of color in a recent sit down with Fox’s Sean Hannity.

According to Breitbart, “Listen, the Bloomberg comments were terrible,” Trump Jr. stated. “And I — we’re not even talking about the policy. Just the way he spoke about those kids, those people. It was like they were subhuman to him. You know, again, you can argue about policy, but that was disgusting. And so, you know now, again, billions in ad spending. You saw Katie Hill come out today, well, you know, Michael Bloomberg gave me $5 million, it allowed me to win my campaign, she was then, you know, left Congress in disgrace. You know, he’s been buying his way through all of these things.

The one thing that Mike Bloomberg can’t buy is personality,” Trump Jr. said. “He can’t buy heart. He can’t buy that connection with real people that Donald Trump has. I mean, Donald Trump was — you know, again, I get it. I understand the irony that, you know, the brash billionaire from New York City could actually relate to real people, blue-collar Americans all over the world. He’s fought for them. They see him. They see the results. Mike Bloomberg will never have that direct connection with those people because he doesn’t like those people. And I think he means — these kids, it’s basically everyone.” You can watch a clip of Trump Jr.’s comments here.


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