Lindsey Graham And Hannity Reveal SHOCKING Information

Image credit: Daily Kos

It’s only a matter of time now…

Fox’s Sean Hannity has once again alerted viewers of a major development coming against those in the deep state who spied on President Trump’s campaign.

According to the Gateway Pundit, Hannity said in an interview with Lindsey Graham, “Let me ask you this. I think there’s something. I think all that we’ve discussed, premeditated fraud, FISA court, dirty dossier, spying on a presidnet, outsourcing of spying. I feel there’s something so big in play. I think the deep state knows it. Andrew Weissmann kind of referred to it in his comments, don’t take heart in the McCabe thing because this is much bigger than you ever will know. That’s what – I believe it’s going to shock the conscience of the nation at the end. Do you agree with me?”

Lindsey Graham replied, “Yeah, I think crossfire hurricane was a danger to democracy. I think it should never happen again.”


You can read the full details of this story here.


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