Liberal HACK Gets DECIMATED Over Stupid Coronavirus Question

Image credit: NPR

The media is trying everything to spread misinformation. Glad to finally see the truth!

As you may already know, President Trump’s coronavirus task force recently held a second press briefing at the White House this week.

According to the Gateway Pundit, during the briefing an NBC reporter, in an attempt to make the Trump administration look bad, asked, “So when can the American people expect to see these test kits available at doctor’s offices and urgent care clinics?

HHS Secretary Alex Azar shot back, “By the end of this weekend we had 1.1 million test kits that originally shipped. We have another one million that are either in transit or waiting for orders. So we actually have a surplus capacity already that have been produced… The tests are out there. The tests are in every public health lab in the country. They’re in hospitals. They’re in labs. But I think there is a false premise in your question. Which is a notion that just because I as a person can say, “Oh, I’d like to be tested for the novel coronavirus.” I should be walking into any minute clinic or any other facility and just walking in and saying, “Give me my test.” That’s not how diagnostic testing works in the United States or frankly almost any place in the world… We’ve always been clear if their doctor or public health physician believes they should be tested it needs to always be clinically indicated to receive a test.”

You can watch a clip of Azar’s comments here.


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