Democratic Governor ERUPTS, Attacks Trump On Live Air

Image Credit: Detroit Free Press

This is what insanity looks like…

Governor Gretchen Whitmer appeared on MSNBC recently and criticized President Trump and his response to the coronavirus outbreak. Whitmer stated:

“In order to flatten the curve, we need to be aggressive on the front end. The federal government did not take this seriously early enough, and now it is on us to make sure we’re doing everything we can based on the best facts and science available and that we are always putting the health of our people front and center. It was a tough decision to make, but we know the spread of this virus is dependent on close proximity. This is one of many steps we’re taking in the state of Michigan.”

The host then asked Whitmer about her thoughts on the deceptive post several New York Times writers had posted saying that the federal government would not be helping states get respirators and ventilators.

Whitmer responded with saying that the state of Michigan needed respirators, ventilators, and personal protection equipment. Then the host asked: “Can you get them? Can you get them without federal support?” Which Whitmer responded with saying, “No. We need federal support.”

It’s crazy how liberal news is willing to brainwash viewers into thinking that Trump and the federal government are not doing anything to help with the virus outbreak. It was found out that the Times authors were omitting the final words saying that Trump and the federal government will be standing by to help, just to put Trump’s name into the dirt.

Watch the whole interaction here.


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