Democrat Goes On CNN, Leaves LIBERALS Speechless

Image credit: MLive

They weren’t expecting this!

Recently on CNN’s “New Day,” Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer (D) condemned the federal government claiming that they needed to do more to combat the coronavirus. She then however said she was “grateful for the work that Mike Pence is doing.”

According to Brietbart, Whitmer stated, “I think the shortage of tests and all of these other important, critical things that we need to combat this crisis is because it wasn’t taken seriously enough in the early stages. And I’m hopeful that the federal government will get a lot more aggressive. I’m grateful for the work that Mike Pence is doing. And I think that there are people in the administration who get it. But we all have to be on the same page here and have a national strategy.”

You can watch a clip of her comments here.


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