Liberal News CAUGHT Brainwashing Their Viewers

Image credit: The New Civil Rights Movement

Here’s why these people cannot be trusted…

Recently on MSNBC, Host Joy Reid falsely claimed that almost everything President Trump says during the daily White House coronavirus briefings was either made up or complete lies.

According to Breitbart, Reid stated, “I watch Donald Trump’s briefings, so you don’t have to. It is hard to escape a simple and sobering fact about those briefings. Almost nothing that Trump says in those briefings is true. He even once falsely claimed the FDA approved a malaria drug for coronavirus treatment. The FDA had to quickly release a statement post briefing clearing up Trump’s, what are we calling it, error, mistake, made-up thing in his head. He forced experts like Dr. Tony Fauci to play clean up for him.”

Adding, “His daily briefings, they’re dangerous. Trump’s followers believe him. They believe anything he says. And the things that he’s saying put them in danger. The false hopes that he’s feeding to Americans put us all in danger. And it is clear that this man is simply incapable of telling the truth or he’s just determined not to. So it is fair for you, those of you out there, to ask, why are we giving him national air time to lie to us in the midst of a global pandemic crisis? Because what is clear is that Trump seems to need these pressers, for him, it is not an original thought at all, but to paraphrase, many, many, many people who noted this, they seem to be his substitute for his rallies. Where he can lather himself in the praise of everyone around him, they’re forced to do while standing too close to him on the dais. They seem required to serve it up, and he seems to need it. He can bathe in the reflected glory of actual experts like Dr. Fauci. So the question is, why are we continuing to do it?” You can watch a clip of Reid’s slanderous comments here.


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