News Host Takes AIM At Trump Supporters, Says The UNTHINKABLE

Image credit: Newsweek

She better be ready for what comes next.

According to Breitbart News, MSNBC host Mika Brzezinski attacked Trump supporters stating that she is “gobsmacked” by the number of people she sees on social media who seem to care about President Donald Trump.

“You know, I am still sort of gobsmacked at some of the things I’m even seeing on Twitter on Good Friday, from people who follow this president blindly, as we’re trying to separate fact from fiction and, honestly, trying to do that because it is really a matter of life and death. There are people who seem to feel like President Trump is more important than the lives of American people.”

Scarborough added to her statement stating that Trump’s actions amid the coronavirus has sucked up “all of the oxygen,” adding it is hurting him in the polls, but said Americans have mainly been “responsible” when it comes to following the guidelines to prevent the spread of the virus and flatten the curve. You can watch a clip of Brzezinski’s comments here.


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