Mayor ATTACKS Trump, Receives TERRIBLE News

Image Credit: YouTube

He did not use his brain…

The mayor of Auburn, California, Bill Kirby, was caught sending photos that suggested that the supporters of President Trump had “easy access to KKK hoods, and as such, could use the hoods as coronavirus masks.”

When the images surfaced, the mayor was asked to “pass off his mayoral duties to another council member at the next public meeting.”

Kirby stated, “Am I angry and frustrated? Yes. Some people have viewed my posts, which were meant to be private and made out of frustration, as over the top. Some were, and I regret that. The president has put us all at risk. I believe history will judge those who stood up against damaging policies and ideologies and those who did not.”

The mayor allegedly wrote, “If Hitler and everyone who supported him was removed from the face of the earth in 1939 the world would be a much better place. The same is more true of trump and his supporters today.”

This is what happens when emotions rule your mind. He posted something because he was frustrated, and got his title taken from him. Read the full story here.


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