Howard Stern Tries TEARING Trump Apart

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He is making a fool out of himself…

During his recent Sirius XM show, Howard Stern stood by his remarks of criticizing the President for the comments on injecting disinfectants.

Stern said, “We’re America, we had a whole bunch of viruses that have come and gone because we had very, very competent people and whole organizations set up to keep this stuff out of America. And you know a lot of those people were fired. I’m pissed. I’m pissed off. We could have been on top of this thing. And if you’re not pissed off your f-cking mental.”

“History is going to tell the truth. This administration dropped the f-cking ball. They did. I mean, you can go believe whatever the f-ck you want. I know what I believe. And I’m pissed off about it.”

He then turned to his fans and said, “People are writing me about politics, ‘Howard don’t talk about politics.’ F-ck this isn’t politics man. I’m locked in my house because of this shit. Politics, they blew it. You got to know that. You don’t know that you’re a f-cking moron. Go ahead and Clorox your asshole. Pour it in.”

He is one angry man. Does someone like this even deserve to be a radio host? Read and listen to his statements here.

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