Democrats FURIOUS After Trump Secretary Admits THIS

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This is what he said…

Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar recently went onto Fox New’s “America’s Newsroom,” and vouched for President Trump’s recommendation on reopening the country.

He stated that the President’s recommendations are “based on the soundest scientific evidence and modeling” not on draft projections.

Azar said, “So, I’ve not seen that report. I’ve heard about it, obviously. There are hundreds of models that are drafted up to look at various contingencies out in the private-public health world, as well as within our agencies. This apparently is a draft modeling a report of various contingencies prepared by Johns Hopkins. This was not reviewed by the White House or senior leadership or the task force. The president’s recommendations on reopening the American economy are based on the soundest scientific evidence and modeling and forecasting, not draft initial projections that just are floating out there.”

“We actually rely on especially the University of Washington’s model has been quite influential, as well as other work that Dr. Deborah Birx leads, to make sure we’re relying on the soundest, validated, scientific, epidemiological information.”

We are all ready for the economy to open up safely. Watch a clip here.

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