Republican Traitor STABS Trump In The Back

Image credit: Christian Science Monitor

What hateful rhetoric.

Recently former Republican Party chairman Michael Steele stated to “bet on” President Trump bringing back former National Security Adviser Gen. Michael Flynn to his administration.

According to Breitbart, “The president is talking about possibly bringing Michael Flynn back into the administration in some form. Bet on that,” Steele stated. “That’s his Russia guy. Bet on it. If he can get Flynn in the back of the door, he will. And there won’t be a peep. Probably Democrats will be upset. Republicans, what are they going to say? What have they said so far? And so, you know, I look at this more broadly for folks who are sitting in jail right now who pled guilty, you know, to a crime, they’re sitting there going OK, so when does the DoJ or prosecutor come back and throw my conviction out? I mean, it just undermines the entire criminal justice system and the justice system overall to see the attorney general just sort of willy-nilly come to the table and go, OK, you’re free to go. We don’t want to prosecute this anymore. Everybody was worried about the president’s pardon power. Little did we know the attorney general also had a pardon power, and that was just not to prosecute, just to throw it out.”

Adding, “I think the judge should make them earn this. And I get they generally don’t want to go against a prosecutor’s recommendation, but in this case, they have to look hard and long at it and really ask the question, given what we said as a court to Mike Flynn a year ago, what position do we take down? What’s changed? The only thing that’s changed is the attorney general said, ‘Nah, we think we should just let him go now.”

You can watch a clip of Steele’s comments here.

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