Trump Delivers BAD News To Pelosi

Image Credit: AP News

She’s not going to like what he says…

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi recently proposed a new coronavirus relief bill which immediately was considered “dead on arrival.” President Trump had some words to say about it when asked in a cabinet meeting.

Trump was asked “if he agrees that the latest stimulus should move forward.” He replied saying, “I don’t know. It depends. Certainly not the package that I saw today. Basically, if you look at that package, what they want more than anything else is — it’s a voting package. They want to be able to make sure that Republicans can’t win an election by putting in all sorts of mail-in ballots.”

“So the problem with the mail-in ballots: It’s subject to tremendous corruption, tremendous corruption, cheating, and so I’m against it, and if you look at the bill that Nancy Pelosi is putting in, it has a lot to do with elections. And then we’re not going to — we’re not going to lose elections because of that.”

He then confirmed that the bill was “dead on arrival” by saying, “Well, it’s, as they say, ‘DOA.’ Right? DOA. Dead on arrival. Of course, Nancy Pelosi knows that, you know, obviously.”

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