Pelosi Just Revealed SHOCKING News About Herself

Image Credit: WBFO

Here’s what she said…

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been advocating that testing for the coronavirus is a major way in combating the spread of the virus, however, she has recently stated that she has NOT been tested

Pelosi has been saying, “There has to be a stop to this. The answer is testing. We have in our HEROES Act a plan for testing. Testing to open up our economy, testing to open up our schools, testing to heal. But in order to heal we have to know the gravity of the problem.”

“You know we talk a great deal about a vaccine and a cure. But we don’t have it yet. And we do have testing.”

She was promptly asked if she was tested for the virus and her response was: “No.”

She then continued to give reasons as to why she has not been tested, however, her words have no meaning now.

This is why the Democrats are doing terrible right now. The Democratic Speaker of the House is telling the public that testing is the only way to combat coronavirus, but in turn has not been tested. What a total hypocrite.

Read the full story here.

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