Liberal Governor CAUGHT Doing WHAT!?

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He’s on a one way ticket to losing everything.

Democratic Senate candidate John Hickenlooper has recently been convicted of violating ethics as well as accused of wearing “redface” when photos surfaced of him “donning an American Indian headdress.

A report from The Washington Free Beacon’s Alana Goodman stated that “Hickenlooper not only accepted a ride on the private jet belonging to the Atlanta Braves’ corporate owner, but then wore an American Indian headdress while attending the event.”

Many Republicans are calling him out along with a group called “Indigenous women and allies.” They are asking him to drop out of the Senate race because of the photos that surfaced.

The group stated:

Gov. Hickenlooper displayed an unacceptable lack of judgement in choosing to participate in this event, while disrespecting Indigenous women and appropriating traditional dress of Native peoples. And not only has Gov. Hickenlooper repeatedly harmed the Native community, but he has also been exposed for mocking the struggles of Black and Latinx Americans. A video has recently come to light where he is seen bragging about his cooperation with ICE in the detention of undocumented immigrants. Additionally, as a sitting Governor, he compared his schedule as a white politician to being abducted and whipped on an “ancient slave ship.” In a recent racial justice forum for US Senate candidates, Hickenlooper, and his opponent, Andrew Romanoff, were both asked what “Black Lives Matter” meant. Even amid the growing protests for racial justice, Gov. Hickenlooper expressed that, to him, it means “every life matters.”

Hickenlooper needs to just quit and maybe rethink his life choices. Read the full story here.

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