Mayor Forced To Admit SAD Truth

Image credit: The Daily Wire

It’s about time someone said it…

In a recent interview with CBS, Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Gimenez admitted that the current coronavirus spike was likely due to riots and protests encouraged by Democrats.

According to Breitbart, Gimenez stated, “I think obviously the protests had a lot to do with it. We had, you know, thousands of young people together outside, a lot of them not wearing masks. And we know when you do that, and you are talking, and you are chanting, etc., that really spreads the virus.”

“So absolutely, the protests had something to do with it,” Gimenez added. “But also our people, our residents, did not — I think they let their guard down and started to socialize. And again, that also has to do with it. So it’s all the above. I’m not saying it’s just that, but it was a contributing factor.”

You can watch a clip of Gimenez’s comments here.

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