Republican SWITCHES Sides, Votes Democrat

Image Credit: CBS News

What is going on in his brain?

Recently, George Will was previously a Republican, but is now a conservative leaning Independent stated that for the first time he will be voting for Biden in the presidential election.

Will was asked, “And, George, this being your first 24 hours of publicly declaring your willing to vote for a Democrat, I thought you might need a friendly embrace from a place where that is welcome news. Tell us how you have gotten to this point and why your vote for Biden is important to you.”

He responded saying, “Well, the most important thing is to clear the ground so we can start over with American normal politics. On the 3rd of June, 2016, I stopped being a Republican I did not stop being a conservative. I’m still proud of having voted for Goldwater in ’64 and Reagan in ’80 and ’84. It’s just that it seems it’s time to get something like normal political arguments.”

He continued saying, “I don’t care right now. Let’s just get back, as I say, to something like normal politics. And if your party, Lawrence, had in the 1980s had nominated Pat Moynihan, they nominated Scoop Jackson, I would had had a record of voting for a Democrat before.”

Read the whole story and watch a clip here.

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