Furious Republican DESTROYS Democrats

Image credit: WAGM-TV

Here’s what he said.

According to Breitbart News, Rep. Jim Jordan slammed Democrats stating that there is “no explanation” for how the House Democrats interrupted and treated Barr during the House Judiciary hearing.

“There is no explanation,” Jordan stated. “As I said in the hearing yesterday, you have been trying to get the attorney general here. Let the guy talk. But they wouldn’t let us complete our video, they wouldn’t let him answer questions. … [The video] wasn’t all the way through. We had more to show. They wouldn’t let him answer the questions, and there was a point where they weren’t going to let him take a restroom break. That’s how rude they were to the Attorney General of the United States of America because they have been out to get this guy. As I said in my opening statement, ever since he used the word ‘spying’ and called it what it was, they have been so much out to get him they filed articles of impeachment against him three weeks ago.”

“It’s terrible,” he outlined. “But this is the same individual who said that the President of the United States is an imposter back during impeachment. The guy who 63 million Americans voted for, she called an imposter. So, I don’t take what she says about people in the administration very seriously. Bill Barr, as I said earlier, is doing a good job. He is committed to the rule of law.” You can watch a clip of Jordan’s remarks here.


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