CNN Pathetically PRAISES Kamala Harris

Image credit: NBC News

What a joke.

Recently on CNN, network political analyst Van Jones showed excessive praise to V.P. nominee Sen. Kamala Harris’s (D-CA) for her closing speech at the recent Democratic National Convention.

According to Breitbart, Jones stated, “I thought Obama did what he had to do, but I got the feels, man. You got a lot of people who watched Kamala Harris tonight holding their daughters’ hands. Something beautiful, amazing happened tonight. People have begun to lose hope in this country. Maybe I can’t make it. Maybe nothing’s possible anymore. When you have a black woman standing up there the way that she was, proud, strong, warm, telling the story of being in the stroller, a stroller’s view of protest. My family’s been doing this. She’s representing something. She’s putting medicine out here for people.”

Jones went on to say, “And I know there’s a lot that has to be talked about in terms of the policies of it, but this was history. This was a big deal. I got women texting me from across the country, saying, ‘I feel great tonight. I feel like I can make it tonight.’ There is a brokenness in this country that I think that she was speaking to on a much deeper level than the policy. I think Obama, you know, did what he had to do. Usually, the VP brings the blowtorch. She brought the campfire. And something really special happened tonight. I appreciate Obama taking the hard shots so she could do what she had to do. She delivered something beautiful tonight. Kamala Harris.”

You can watch a clip of Jones’ comments here.

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