Governor Turns Liberals RABID After Latest Comment

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Liberals are so intolerant.

Recently, South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem (R) angered liberals when she openly praised first lady Melania Trump’s recent RNC speech.

According to Breitbart, Noem stated, “I thought she did a wonderful job. I loved hearing from her mother’s heart. She obviously loves her husband, loves her family, and she talked about the important issues that this country is facing today. She called for us to come together and to work on not just the violence and protests, but also drug addiction and taking care of each other. So, I just was so proud of her. I love Melania’s heart. I’m so glad the American people got to see it last night.”

Fox’s Sandra Smith then asked about President Trump losing female voters.

“I think that’s why her speech was so powerful,” Noem replied. “She talked about how he respects her, and he does. I have been with the president and first lady many times. He listens to her, he asks her opinion on every issue, and many times it helps him make his decisions. He also has put a big number of women in leadership positions in his administration and has facilitated their voices coming through. So, to have her speak about her husband and how he views women and to know for a fact that he follows through in actions in public as well, I think is incredibly powerful, and that’s the story she’ll continue to tell and that we need to focus on is that mother’s heart is one he gets to hear every single day in his home, too.”

You can read watch a clip of Noem’s comments here.

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