Republican Turns The HEAT UP On Pelosi

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Pelosi can’t keep doing this…

Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) gave House Speaker Nancy Pelosi a piece of her mind for “setting the agenda” which ultimately ended up just being obstruction.

According to Breitbart, “I think that [Pelosi] is indeed setting the agenda,” Blackburn stated. “We know this. We know that she continues to work to set the agenda to obstruct, working with the Senate Democrats. They do not want to solve the problem of the funding needs around COVID. They do not want to solve the problem of getting children back to school. What they’re trying to do is obstruct. They would rather have issues than solutions.”

“Look at the issue of school choice right now,” Blackburn stated, “because so many people are saying we need to be certain that we have choice for children during this time because you have school district where teachers are not moving back to the classroom to teach these children. There is obstruction on that part. They’ve created a new crisis — the post office crisis. The money that Nancy Pelosi wants wouldn’t go to moving even one piece of mail. It would go to meeting the demands of the 6 million that are within the U.S. postal system. Moving the mail is covered by the operations budget for the post office. That comes out of your pocket when you send a package when you buy a roll of stamps. They have a $15 billion surplus in that account, by the way.”

You can watch a clip of Blackburn’s comments here.

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