Trump Supporters Accused Of Liking WHAT?

Image credit: KCRW

Liberals will say anything.

MSNBC’s Anand Giridharadas recently appeared on “Morning Joe” and outrageously referred to Trump supporters as “the people who like fascism.”

According to Breitbart, Giridharadas stated, “I think that the biggest crisis that we face right now — you know, the people who like fascism … should not be the object of our persuasive energies right now. There are a lot of decent people who may be unwittingly enabling what Jeremy was just describing. And it’s important to think about what those folks need to do. So I think for those of us in the media, frankly, whether it’s headline writers, whether it’s those who decide what to put on TV, whether it’s people making decisions about how to frame things, it’s very important to understand that this is a decisive break from our past what Donald Trump is doing right now. This is a frontal assault on the idea that we should elect the president democratically.”

You can read the full details of this story here.

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