Former Democrat WRECKS Radical Left

Image credit: Newsweek

Here’s what he said.

According to Breitbart News, Representative Jeff Van Drew slammed the Democratic Party stating that switching to Republican was “worth it.”

“The risk was worth it, essentially because — really to condense it down — the Democratic Party has changed a great deal, and it’s changing more,” Van Drew told FNC’s “Fox & Friends. “And you saw that by even the number of moderates that lost in this last election right here who were Democrats. And that’s going to continue because whatever they try to do and whatever they say, at the end of the day, it is very progressive, extreme, radical people that are controlling that party into the future, and that’s not what Americans want. Americans love their country.”

“And that’s what the election was about,” he continued. “It was about which path we were going to take: Mrs. [Amy] Kennedy’s path, which was a radical path, which was one that, you know, believed in the Green New Deal, believed in defunding police, believed in sanctuary cities, believed in open borders, believed in not supporting our military, or was it the path of a strong and good America that we love, that we can make even better. We can always make it better, but that we support this great and wonderful nation, a nation that we should be proud of. That was one of the most important points of the entire election.” You can watch a clip of Van Drew’s remarks here.

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