Republican SLAPS Some Sense Into Raphael Warnock

Image credit: Chattanooga Times Free Press

This man’s radical ideas are crazy!

Recently on Fox Radio, Sen.-Elect Tommy Tuberville (R-AL) blasted Democrat “pastor” Raphael Warnock for claiming to be a “pro-choice pastor.”

According to Breitbart, during his interview Tuberville stated, “How about being a hypocrite? We’ve seen plenty of those last few weeks and these mayors and governors shutting places down and going out and doing exactly the opposite of what they say you should do for this virus. But there’s no possible way you can do that. He’s trying to make himself believe it. I guess he probably believes that. But he obviously hadn’t read the Bible too much and hopefully that people see between the lines because it’s true politician.”

Tuberville then said, “That’s all they’re trying to do, trying to sell you something that’s not it. And I think most people in Georgia can read through that and around the country. It’s so important that we get rid of this abortion law that we’re killing a million babies a year. It hurts my soul to believe that all over this world that we kill 50 to 60 million a year, and we’re all going to pay for it one day. Somebody is going to pay for it when your time’s over, but we can let him sell what he wants to. But that’s doesn’t fly with Christians in the state of Georgia.”

You can watch a clip of Tuberville’s comments here.

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