With Trump On His Way Out, Democrats Finally Comply

Image credit: Roll Call

This was their plan all along.

In a recent interview with Fox Radio, Senate Republican Conference Chair Sen. John Barrasso (R-WY) admitted that there is much optimism for the next round of coronavirus relief. This confession from Barrasso only strengthens the argument that Democrats purposely held out on COVID aid to make the election more difficult for President Trump

According to Breitbart, Barrasso stated, “[W]e’re much more optimistic that we’re going to get a solution that the people of America are looking for and that leaves out the areas where we disagree in terms of the money that Schumer has been asking for, for state and local governments, for things that are completely unrelated to coronavirus. We need to stay focused and targeted right on where the need is.”

You can watch a clip of Barrasso’s comments here.

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