Democrat Gives Insight Into Trump’s Impeachment Plan

Image credit: Hartford Courant

Here is what they are planning…

Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) admitted that House Democrats are very motivated to impeach President Trump and it will happen likely in days rather than weeks.

According to Breitbart, Blumenthal stated, “The evidence here is pretty open and shut, Kate. What came out of the president’s mouth at the ellipse that day, what he tweeted before, what he said and did afterward, essentially ignoring those abhorrent, absolutely repulsive photographs of domestic terrorism directed against members of the Congress and the building that is the temple of our democracy. He incited that riot. And Mitch McConnell himself had said that he provoked this action, in fact instigated it. So I think that the evidence is the videos and his statements before and after, and his guilty intent is evident from that — ”

CNN’s Kate Bolduan replied, “So, you don’t think witnesses are needed?”

“Well, the president has a right to present his defense,” Blumenthal responded. “And if he wants witnesses, we would have to consider them. But this trial can happen in days, not weeks.”

You can watch a clip of Blumenthal’s comments here.

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